Consultation Services

Over the last decade, I have dedicated my time and energy to building a career in documentary film and it has been a rich and rewarding journey of learning from some of the brightest minds in non-fiction storytelling. Amidst my work, I am often inspired and energized by the enthusiasm of emerging filmmakers and the stories that they are eager to tell. Documentary ideas spring from a variety of backgrounds and not all first-time filmmakers or those who are new to the documentary genre are equipped with the tools they need to get started. I offer a range of documentary film consulting services for all stages of development, production and distribution for emerging filmmakers. I welcome collaborating and consulting with established filmmakers who are interested in exploring new areas and skills as well.

Services include:

  • Fundraising (Grants, Crowdfunding, Tax-Deductible donations etc.)

  • Proposals, Treatments & Other Written Materials

  • Production

  • Story (Development - Post-Production)

  • Archival Footage, Licensing, and Fair Use

  • Festival Strategy

  • Impact Campaigns & Educational Distribution

I'm available to meet in person for those in the Austin, Texas area or via phone or video conference. Please send me an email for more information.